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Check out what our parents think about Bright Beginnings in Queens Village!

To us, Bright Beginnings of Queens Village is a school of learning and not a Day Care Center. Both of our boys have been attending BBQV since they were 12 weeks old and both of them have excelled in their development socially and academically. So big praise and respect to Ms. Erica and her caring staff.

Paul & Rose, Blue Room Parents


I wish I had found Bright Beginnings sooner for my older child, who is now 7. He spent his pre-k year at the center and learned so much. Bright Beginnings provides a structured, welcoming environment for all children. My youngest son is currently in the Red Room, and just turned 2. I can see the difference a structured and enriched environment makes in the life of a child. He loves to sing, thanks to the Music and Me education throughout the year. His teachers are dedicated and it is obvious how much they care for all the children they watch after. I highly recommend Bright Beginnings to anyone who needs to place their child in daycare!

Red Room Parent


We enrolled our 18 month old daughter (now 2 1/2 years old) in bright beginnings and immediately noticed an improvement in her developmental and social skills. The staff and teachers are caring and compassionate. They foster a fun learning environment where children establish cognitive skills. I love the focus on nutrition and health awareness. Children learn how to eat a balanced diet of fruits and veggies from the garden at Bright beginnings which the children help plant themselves. The Green Room goes on trips which are educational and fun. We have now enrolled our 5 month old daughter. And the care she receives at such a young age is amazing. She smiles every morning during drop off which is a clear indication the staff is loving and affectionate. The younger children have floor time, assigned cribs for naps and go outdoors daily. We are so pleased with Bright Beginnings!
No other center can compare.

Adams Family - Green & Purple Room Parents


Our son, Zachary, came to Bright Beginnings in September of 2012. We have watched our son grow so much while under the watchful care of Ms. Erica and the staff. Each staff member nurtured and loved him, helping in grow in so many areas. Zachary is now entering Kindergarten and we know that he is more than ready thanks to the wonderful guidance and teaching of Bright Beginnings staff. I would highly recommend Bright Beginnings to any parent We are going to miss seeing the staff every day, but we are excited that we can keep in touch through the Alumni Association.

The Friedenburg Family


Our daughter has been at BBQV since she was four months old she is now almost 9 months old. They were highly recommended to us by my family members who had a wonderful child care experience with them. I felt relaxed and comfortable leaving her there when I went back to work. We are satisfied with how she is being taken care of and she really enjoys the interaction with the other children and staff since she is an only child. Her participating in music time and all the other activities has really helped her to grow and educate us as being parents for the first time. I know BBQV definitely plays a big part in her progressing and the development of her little personality. Their support, input and friendly smiles really means a lot.

Salisha and Max - Purple Room Parents


I have had 3 out of 4 of my children attend Bright Beginnings. The experience has been wonderful for myself and for them. The staff takes such good care of the children. They are truly attentive to the children's needs and sincerely care for their well-being and about their day to day development. The Director, Ms. Erica is the best!! She is a truly exceptional and rare asset to the Day Care. She's so hands on with the children and with the daily running of the center. She cares about the inside as well as the outside appearance of the center and will always lend a helping hand when needed. You rarely find someone like that these days.

T. Lipsey-Blue Room Parent


I placed my 4 year old, Justin, into Bright Beginnings for their summer program 2015. He thoroughly enjoyed the daily activities and the weekly outings. BBQV is a very cozy place with caring teachers and staff who took the time to know Justin well. They were highly recommended to me by my coworkers who also place their children in daycare throughout the year. Justin a quiet child who is slow to warm up, unfortunately by the time the summer was up, he was just beginning to socialize more with his peers. I wish that I had started him there earlier for PreKindergarten. BBQV is a nurturing place and I would highly recommend it.

Ivy-Yellow Room Parent, November 2015


We enrolled our son at Bright Beginnings when he was three months old. As first time parents we were nervous leaving him with anyone at such an early age, but the friendly, caring staff put us at ease immediately. Now at 1 1/2 years old, he is excited to go to school every day. The teachers and staff are attentive, they know what is going on with with each individual child, and they provide a lot of fun, interactive, age appropriate learning opportunities. The classroom programming encourages language development, an appreciation for music, and positive interactions with other children and adults. The outdoor play area is fun and safe, and we like that the children are encouraged to play outside when weather permits. We are very pleased with the positive impact Bright Beginnings has had on our son's development, including his social skills, vocabulary, physical activity, independence, and self-confidence. Finally, we always feel that our son is safe and well cared for. We are so glad we found Bright Beginnings and highly recommend their services.

The Marpman Family - Red Room Parents, April 2015


Our 2 1/2 year old daughter has been at Bright Beginnings since she was 8 weeks old. Since that time, her development and progress has been extraordinary. The staff continues to provide consistent challenges to our daughter’s social, emotional and educational growth. The teachers show a huge amount of love and caring, so much to the point that our daughter has to go give all of her past teachers hugs before she leaves every day. We have peace of mind every day when she is at Bright Beginnings; we never worry about what is going on, because we know that she is very well taken care of and being exposed to new knowledge every day. We consider Bright Beginnings her second home.

James and Ilyssa--Blue Room Parents, April 2015


Our daughter has been at Bright Beginnings Queens Village (“BBQV”) since she was 12 weeks old. She is always eager, excited and wants to go to school and for us as parents, it only reinforces what we already know – BBQV provides a caring and safe environment for our little girl. She is constantly learning and has developed great social skills. The curriculum promotes enrichment and diversity through its many activities (throughout the school day) and so many other opportunities for our daughter to participate in other after school programs like piano which she is doing now. There is always a constant flow of information – we are always kept up to date on her progress through conversations with the teachers (and progress report when she was younger) as well as the semi-annual parent teacher’s conferences. The hours are great and flexible for working parents and the teachers are courteous, friendly and respectful. We couldn’t be happier with the decision we made when we chose BBQV for our child care needs.

Green Room Parents, April 2015


Since 2009, my three sons have been attending Bright Beginnings. All three boys are developing into wonderful, well- adjusted and most importantly happy boys. The staff really takes the time to get to know each child and what their potential is, as well as things that maybe should be evaluated.

When the staff noticed my oldest son’s natural intelligence, they encouraged me to have him to take the Gifted and Talented exam for NYC DOE, Kindergarten. He got a 96% on the exam and continues to do extremely well in 1st grade. Most recently he received “Student of the Month” for great teamwork. If it was not for the encouragement of the staff at Bright Beginnings, I know I would not have had him take that exam and continue to reach his full potential.

Additionally, my second son was also observed to be a toe walker and with advisement from Bright Beginnings staff, I had him evaluated and luckily he did not need specialized services but does now wear orthotics.

Bright Beginnings is a wonderful, nurturing environment where my children have and continue to grow into well- adjusted boys. This is attributed to the love, care and observations from all of the Bright Beginnings staff.

Having to be a working mother is a hard thing but having my sons in a loving place, means the world to me. It’s more than just peace of mind.

Kathy-Yellow and Red Room Mom, April 2015

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